Zeta Angelich

Jimberlana LLC.
Round Rock, TX

The artist is skilled in various mediums including photography, paint, sculpture, and jewelry design. They initially studied photography in undergraduate school and were fortunate to be mentored by two master photographers. While their traditional art is mostly self-taught, they have also taken classes over the years to further enhance their skills. The artist has been creating for as long as they can remember, with a diverse background that includes working in the music industry, as an adjunct professor, published writer, and in bio tech and semiconductor industries.

Their photography has been published in national publications and exhibited at the Texas Museum of Art, showcasing their talent and unique perspective. Influenced heavily by their birthplace in Japan, their art often reflects their favorite elements such as trees and the ocean. The artist intends to continue adding more images as time allows, as their canvases are piling up and they are eager to share their work with a wider audience. Additionally, they offer signed certificates for Giclee prints of their pieces, ensuring a personal touch for those who choose to purchase their artwork.

For those looking to enhance their home or office decor with unique and captivating pieces, the artist's prints are an excellent choice. Their collection of photos, paintings, sculptures, and jewelry designs offer a diverse range of options to suit any taste or style. Purchase a print today to bring a touch of artistry and creativity into your space.

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