Zeta Angelich

Jimberlana LLC.
Round Rock, TX

The artist is known for their proficiency in photography, painting, sculpture, and jewelry design. Their photography skills were honed during their undergraduate studies and through mentorship from two master photographers. While their traditional art is largely self-taught, they have also taken classes over the years to further develop their craft. The artist's creative journey has been shaped by various experiences, including working in the music industry, as an adjunct professor, published writer, and in bio tech and the semiconductor industry, mostly while residing in Austin, Texas.

Their photography has garnered recognition, being published in national publications and displayed at the Texas Museum of Art. Influenced by their birthplace of Japan, the artist's work often reflects elements of nature, such as trees and the ocean, which hold special significance to them. As they continue to create, more images will be added to their portfolio, showcasing the diverse range of their artistic expression. With a surplus of canvases waiting to be shared, the artist is eager to connect with art enthusiasts and collectors.

For those looking to enhance their home or office decor with unique and captivating pieces, the artist offers signed Giclee prints accompanied by a personalized certificate. Embrace the opportunity to bring a touch of artistry into your space by acquiring one of these exquisite prints, each bearing the artist's distinctive vision and passion for creative expression.

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