Artist Call

As an artist, there are two ways you can have your prints curated through Geo Galleries: one is to be a registered FinerWorks customer ( and the other is to register here at Geo Galleries.

There is a small review process however most artists are accepted. Geo Galleries, unlike some traditional galleries attempts to be very diversified in both the style of art and subject matter. This is required in order to meet the goal of providing our buyers with a large selection of art and photography they can choose from.

Where we are like a traditional gallery is in the fact that we believe our artists are an asset and we want to share the benefits this type of partnership provides. Of course, this means we pay you when one of your work sells but we also will share with you the buyer information so that you can perhaps form a relationship with that buyer as artist and collector.

If you think Geo Galleries is something you want to benefit from you can sign up here. If you already have a FinerWorks account, please login and join Geo Galleries from there.

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