About Geo Galleries

About Us

We are curated community of independent international artist galleries, where prints can be purchased in a variety of framed and unframed formats. Buyers are able to browse and assortment of artwork by artists and photographers and order the highest quality prints fulfilled on demand by our production house.

If you are an artist, consider signing up since we are always looking to increase the collection of high quality artwork. Here are some amazing advantages.

  • You control the images by uploading what you want to sell as giclee fine art paper prints, canvases and more.
  • You set the prices from 50% to 200% markup.
  • Geo Galleries uses FinerWorks for order fulfillment.
  • Receive weekly / monthly payouts.
  • You get your own Geo Galleries URL (example: geogalleries.com/username).
  • Access to names, addresses and email contacts of your buyers to build your own collectors’ database.
  • SEO and social promotion.
  • Provided customer service.
  • You do not give up any rights to your art.
  • No exclusivity agreement, so you are free to sell via other channels and with other galleries.

As your fulfillment partner, your success is just as much to our benefit by being a streamlined order fulfillment process. There is no out of pocket cost to you. When a print or prints sell, you keep the difference of the retail price you set, minus the standard FinerWorks price plus a 10% administrative fee. This is another avenue to sell your prints.

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