Buyers FAQs

  1. Is the Geo Galleries logo going to show up on my print?

  2. Do I have to pay online?

  3. How much is shipping?

  4. I need to place a large corporate order. Do you have special rates?

  5. What if I can’t find the type of print I am looking for?

  6. Do you have a money back guarantee?

  7. Do you have a physical store or gallery?

  8. When will my order ship?

  9. Does Geo Galleries produce and ship the art?

Artists FAQs

  1. Do I give up any rights to my images?

  2. Will images be modified or color corrected?

  3. Can I decide what products are available for purchase?

  4. How will I get paid?

  5. How much does the artist make?

  6. Can I set my own prices?

  7. What happens when someone buys my print?

  8. How do I direct customers to my gallery?

  9. What is Virtual Inventory?

  10. How do you protect my images from being copied by someone else?

  11. Are there any fees involved to be a participating artist?

  12. What are the requirements to have my images shown on Geo Galleries?

  13. Can my buyers download my image from Geo Galleries?

  14. Am I contacted when a print sells?

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