Replacements and Returns

Artists which use Geo Galleries (GG) to print their images are responsible for the quality of the image file submitted for printing. The person providing the image is responsible for ensuring their image has proper color and white balance and is of a suitable resolution for print. and associated color labs print to standards promulgated by the International Color Consortium (ICC) and run multiple calibration checks daily to ensure printing equipment is fully functional and meets those standards. People submitting their images are encouraged to proof their image first either with a proof print or digital soft proofing via calibration hardware and software. Further GG is not responsible for deviations in color due to differences in either direct or ambient light as reflected off of the printed item.

GG offers a 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee for printed products ordered on this site except if the Buyer is ordering a sample, proof or if GG has contacted the Buyer expressed concerns about the quality or appearance of the product. If GG has not contacted the buyer regarding any potential problems and it if within 30 days of order placement and the buyer has a problem with the order, GG will provide a replacement, refund or credit as requested by the buyer.

For Returns & Replacements after 30 days

If it has been greater than 30 days since the buyer placed the order and decided for some reason they are not happy with the order GG reservies the right to take no action, provide a partial credit or replacement options at their discretion. Contact our customer service department so we can assist you.

Requesting a Replacement or Refund

In order to request a replacement or refund, please contact out customer service department through our contact page so that we can assist you.

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