Sarah Waite Chase
Traditional Artist

Sarah W. Chase

Sarah Waite Chase
Richmond, CA

I love to draw, paint, and garden for pollinators. I am a nature lover. Walking outside is a daily practice for both stress relief and exercise with my dogs Bug and Willa. I live in Richmond, CA with 32 miles of shoreline there are so many beautiful parks to walk and see beautiful wild creatures like osprey, pelicans and butterflies so many butterflies.

I also love to garden for pollinators. A few years ago a friend gave me some succulents and to my surprise I managed to keep the strongest alive. I fell in love with gardening. After growing succulents I starting researching low water plants that attract butterflies and hummingbirds. These days I grow flowers and succulents that fill the garden with hummingbirds and butterflies.

I draw in the garden because it is an ever changing still life of flowers, birds, butterflies, and dogs. My studio is outside most of year. During the pandemic I found comfort by drawing on paper. I started drawing flowers in my garden, and then I drew the smoke from the fires last year, more flowers, butterflies and owls.

My art practice is centered around the principal that nature is a gift. Creating outside is a way to connect to another world, the one that lives in hearts and dreams. I make art to share joy and inspire others to appreciate nature.


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