Tony Abbey

Knoxville, TN

Growing up with a father who was skilled in art, the artist credits him for laying the foundation for their artistic development. With a strong focus on composition and perspective, the artist and their sibling engaged in friendly competition, pushing each other to improve their skills. Drawing on the reverse sides of script paper brought home by their father, the artist developed a love for sketching and painting from a young age. While their brother pursued a successful career as a graphic artist, the artist took a different path as an engineer but continued to nurture their passion for art as a hobby.

Returning to oil painting later in life, the artist found immense joy in exploring landscapes, figures, and various subjects through their artwork. Each painting became a learning experience, offering deeper insights into the artistic process. Embracing the physicality of brushwork in oils, the artist takes a loose approach, focusing on shapes and colors rather than intricate details. On the other hand, pencil sketching in monochrome and color provides a different perspective, allowing for precise definition and a change of pace in their creative endeavors.

With a diverse range of artistic pursuits, the artist finds enjoyment in the process of creating, hoping to bring that same joy to those who appreciate their work. Whether it's the vibrant colors and loose strokes of their oil paintings or the intricate details of their pencil sketches, the artist's creations are a reflection of their passion for art. For those looking to enhance their home or office decor with unique and captivating prints, the artist's work offers a perfect blend of creativity and inspiration.

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