Tim Campbell

Red Truck Comics
San Antonio, TX

As a comic artist and Art Director for Team Sea3on, the artist has always had a deep appreciation for visual arts from a very young age. Growing up on the autistic spectrum, the barrier of language led them to express themselves through visual means. They found it much easier to connect with others through visual storytelling, creating a unique language of their own.

With a vast library of visual language stored in their mind, the artist recalls memories through sights and sounds rather than words and numbers. Despite the challenges faced in public school, they persevered with the help of others and pursued a degree in digital arts. Self-publishing three children's picture books paved the way for their journey into the world of comic books.

Comic books have become the perfect medium for the artist to share their wonder and creativity through visual storytelling. Drawing professionally for years, they have honed their skills and passion for creating captivating visual narratives. Serving as the Art Director for Team Sea3on, they have played a vital role in bringing the animated third season of Sonic SatAM to life, shaping the visual look of the show with great honor.

For those looking to bring a touch of artistic storytelling into their homes or offices, the artist's prints are a perfect addition to any space. With their unique visual language and captivating storytelling, these prints are sure to spark conversation and inspire creativity. Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your decor with the artistry of this talented individual.

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