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Pam Campbell

Texipam Art, LLC
Buda, TX

Thank you for visiting Texipam Art. I'm Pam - artist, pup mom, and healthcare worker.

I started painting as a child, taking private lessons for a while and taking some art classes in college. I have painted off and on throughout the years. Life always seems to circle me back around to painting as outlet for processing situations, expressing myself, or just enjoying the beauty of life.

I typically use acrylics for their boldness and energy when painting abstract landscapes, florals, or nature scenes. The more vibrant the colors, the better! I enjoy watercolors as well when I am wanting to communicate more softly.

Though I reside in Texas these days, I have lived and travelled in many places over the years, which greatly inspires my artwork. I hope you enjoy browsing the gallery.

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Or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Texipam-Art-108203027711671

Thank you, Pam

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