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Born and raised in the Midwest, Teresa Ignace has experienced the beauty of both the countryside and the Appalachians. She remembers the peacefulness of endless miles of high blue skies arching over the land and the awe-inspiring sight of mountains kissing lakes at the water’s edge. Teresa also loves to watch open fields of tall grasses touched by the wind, making them sway like ocean waves, and the nights of cicada rhythms. Trails can become engulfed by flowering rhododendrons and azalea blossoms, creating a stunningly beautiful scene.

With her photography, Teresa creates multi-dimensional techniques that involve different combinations of brushes and palette knives. Her inspirations to take photos reflect some of her life's journey through situations of her life and thus create a scene depicting part of that experience.

Bring Teresa Ignace’s stunning photography into your home or office. Purchase her prints to decorate your walls and create a beautiful atmosphere.

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