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Terri Butler

I see myself as a "creative" more than just a photographer. My website is branded “The Pixel Mixer” because it’s about capturing the digital pixels and making something creative with them. Often that’s just using post processing to recreate the scene are I remembered it as a photographer, but sometimes, I turn to the digital painter or the designer in me and use the pixels for something different.

I have no formal training in photography and have not had art training post high school, but there has always been an artist within. I joined the Navy and spent 22 years working in both clinical medicine and as a hospital administrator. Post my Navy career I migrate to technology. I worked in IT as a consultant for the next 20 years, mostly as an independent, and finally retired in 2016 to take up my hobby again in photography. I fill my retirement hours with not only photography, but also travel and enjoying our 3 corvettes.

I’ve mastered Lightroom and Photoshop and have taught local groups classes and write a blog. As a constant learner, I’m always looking for new ways to use these tools to produce artworks. Hope you enjoy both my photography and my digital creation.

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