Suzie Kempf

Picture Our Past
San Antonio, TX

Suzie Kempf has a love for Mississippi’s Gulf Coast.

Growing up in Long Beach gifted her a childhood in a special place. The whole Coast shares an intimate spirit among unique communities--connected by 26 miles of US 90 and a waterfront seawall--blessing this Coast with a warmth and a soul unlike any other.

She began collecting vintage Coast postcards to help her remember places she loved growing up (before collecting became an obsession!). Decoupage art has always been a favorite pastime of Kempf's. So she started painting and pasting and wound up with these nostalgic collages you see here.

It is her hope that her artwork will reawaken memories of your favorite places, too. Or maybe you’ll discover sites you’ve never been but always wished you could see.

Her collage works are instant conversation starters that enhance any decor.

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