Solomon Walker

Solomon Walker is a Professional Artist and Photographer with a passion for drawing and painting that began at the young age of 11. His formal artistic education was acquired through technical schools, workshops, and personal tutorship, focusing on a wide range of artistic disciplines such as Anatomy, Sculpture, Portraiture, Graphics Design, and more. Influenced by various art movements like Realism, Abstract Expressionism, and Cubism, Solomon's work reflects a diverse range of styles and techniques.

In his creative process, Solomon draws inspiration from both internal emotions and external circumstances, incorporating global events and cultural philosophies into his art. Utilizing new media and digital creativity, he produces unique fine art and images that blur the lines between abstract and conceptual forms. His work delves into thought-provoking subjects and ideas, offering a glimpse into his ever-evolving perception of the world around him.

Recognized for his talent, Solomon has received numerous awards for his work in fine art and photography, holding certificates and diplomas in both mediums. His prints are a perfect addition to any home or office decor, offering a blend of creativity and thoughtfulness that is sure to spark conversation and inspiration. Purchase a piece of Solomon Walker's work today and bring a touch of artistic flair into your daily environment.

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