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Robin L. Flint

I am a northern Midwest girl. l grew up in the wilds of western Wisconsin and now live in a small town in Minnesota. I've really not strayed too far from my roots. I do enjoy traveling, but always end up within a half hour of the Mississippi. I just love this area; it inspires me all the time. I have a giant file full of things that I've photographed and want to paint someday. The constantly changing scenery is full of drama and color; forming a wonderful backdrop for the great folks that I am lucky enough to call my neighbors. I could paint for a hundred years and never really capture the essence of this slice of paradise around me; whether is in a serene winter scene or the twinkle in a baby's eye.

Each piece that I work on is a labor of love. I tend towards a more realistic style with lots of detail and color. Sometimes I try to loosen up so that I have a better chance at painting the multitude of things that I'd like to capture. But, I always drift back to center where the details live.

Art has always had a place in my life, although I have not always pursued it. Rather than get a degree in fine arts when I was young, I went for a degree in Mechanical Design. I became a drafter because that was practical and would pay the bills. Consequently, I have a very strong engineering background which has served me well over the years.

"Robinsbest" was named in honor of my late father's repair business called "Gordon's Best". I started it back in 2000 when the internet was still a baby. My research had indicated that name would be good in the search engines. And I felt it was a good name because I always try to do my best with each piece of art. I was a little frustrated with the corporate world where things are often more about schedules and quantities rather than quality.

In 2006, I had to put my little art business on a shelf and go full-time into the corporate world. I had a passle of kids to care for and was suddenly a single parent. I still remember the series of rummage sales that I had in order to get sell off my business supplies. It was heart-breaking at the time and I felt the artist inside of me just dying.

Thankfully, that artist only went dormant and didn't die after all. In fact, the longer that I refused to be the artist I was born to be, the more miserable and sick I became over the following 13 years. I think I was terrified of getting my art-heart broken again by having to lose the dream again. So, it was easier to just try to forget and focus on spreadsheets and other day-to-day tasks. Until it wasn't anymore.

Art is at the core of who I am - I need to create art to remain centered and balanced and healthy. It is what I was made to do, and I'm not going to fight it anymore. I have learned the hard way that it is better to step out in faith, and to follow your purpose, than to stay where it's safe. So, here I am!

I do quite a few portraits - that seems to be the bulk of my business. I love that work and I love the joy that it can bring to people. It is a wonderful way to commemorate that special someone or something. If you want to sign up for my VIP Club, I'll send you emails notifying you of new releases. You can also get discounts and free post cards. Don't forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram too!

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