Rosemary Lhotan

Watercolors by Rosemary
Port Saint Joe, FL

Rosemary hails from Florida's Forgotten Coast, a chain of small, picturesque beach towns, and the endless inspiration she finds there is reflected in her unique watercolor paintings. From beach scenes hidden in the secluded dunes to the shrimp boats of Apalachicola, her paintings capture the beauty of the area as it used to be before it was developed.

Rosemary is a regular exhibitor at The Joe Center for the Arts in Port St. Joe and her prints are available in local boutiques including Goin' Coastal in Port St. Joe and Bellou in Apalachicola. She also accepts requests for commissioned works and custom items.

Rosemary loves the organic nature of watercolor and the never-ending surprises that come with each piece she creates. She is committed to learning and improvement, and she participates in the annual Forgotten Coast Plein Air Festival each March, as well as workshops by other artists.

At home, in the office, or in any space that needs a touch of beauty, Rosemary's prints bring the beauty of the Forgotten Coast to life. Bring the stunning scenes of the Florida coast into your life today with one of Rosemary's beautiful prints.

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