Nancy E. Polo

The artist, cook and mother, based in Berryville, VA, is dedicated to sustainability in her day job, managing a farm business and kitchen. But she is happiest when she is painting. She has been doing so for over twenty years, in watercolors, acrylics, oils and more. Her preferred style is Social Surrealism, which she uses to bring to life complex ideas.

The artist's portfolio of portraits, landscapes, and abstract paintings can be viewed in the small gallery attached to La Capretta Studio. Her works are a unique combination of the inner character of people, and the beauty of nature. Her photos capture the emotions and moods of each scene, allowing the viewer to experience it for themselves.

Bring something unique to your home and office decor with prints of the artist's work. Her photography can turn any room into a work of art, while adding a personal touch. Make your home and office an expression of yourself with prints from the artist's portfolio.

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