Matt Gragg

The artist's love for nature and passion for travel have been the driving forces behind their photography journey. Starting in Colorado and eventually studying fine-art photography in Banff, Canada, they honed their skills in capturing the beauty of the natural world. With a solid foundation in film photography, they have witnessed the evolution of technology in the industry over the years.

After obtaining a photojournalism degree and pursuing a career in graphic design and computer information architecture, the artist has circled back to their roots in nature and landscape photography. Their vision and approach to storytelling through photography remain unchanged, focusing on the intricate details of nature that often go unnoticed by many. From forest floors to rare bird species, they strive to showcase the beauty of the Earth in its rawest form.

With a deep appreciation for the environment, the artist actively supports conservation efforts in their state and beyond. They believe in the importance of preserving this creation for future generations to enjoy and cherish. Each photo captured by the artist not only tells a story but also serves as a reminder of the delicate balance of nature.

For those looking to bring a piece of nature into their homes or offices, the artist's prints are a perfect choice. By purchasing their photography, individuals can surround themselves with the beauty of the natural world and support the artist's ongoing work in capturing the essence of nature.

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