Mary C. Forney

Winona, MN

Mary Forney is an artist, teacher and maker captivated by the bluffs, valleys and remarkable wildlife of the Driftless Region in southeastern Minnesota. Each season brings a wealth of sights of natural beauty, alluring experienced artists and avid observers alike.

The Driftless Region was exempt from glacial activity, leaving behind a distinct and picturesque landscape. Oak, hickory, and other broadleaf forests have been the dominant trees in the area, however, due to disturbances, maple and basswood forests have been gaining ground, endangering the rare oak forests. Forney's Drawings in the Driftless is a collection of works that reflects her passion for these landforms and forests.

Forney has also developed an appreciation for patterns and macroscopic images of nature, as seen in her Patterns in Nature collection. It consists of a growing number of prints and oil pastels that capture the beauty of these snapshots of nature.

Forney has studied art extensively, receiving her B.S. in Art Education from Concordia College, Seward, NE and later earning her M.A. in Studio Art from UWS Superior, WI. She is an active member of the artist’s community of Winona, MN and exhibits her art at Stumptown Gallery in Alma, WI.

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