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Merri Lewis

Arts & Blessings
Gorham, ME

Merri has always been drawn to creating. As a child, she enjoyed experimenting and pushing the boundaries of instructions. Her love of textures and colors led her to explore many mediums of art: watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, card making, sewing, book making and more. Merri has also been able to transfer her creativity and unique way of thinking to her work with children and adults with developmental disabilities and mental illness.

Later in life, after having 4 beautiful children, 2 of whom have autism, Merri rediscovered her love of writing. When she saw beautiful art painted on the thin pages of a bible, she knew she had to learn how to do it. She followed several artists and immersed herself in all the art teachings she could. As she shared her work, Merri found she loved to encourage others through art.

Inspired by nature, music, children, and the interesting people in life, Merri now lives in Southern Maine with her husband and children. She can often be found in the church nursery playing with toddlers, walking her Maltipoo Boomer or tinkering in her art studio. Merri's photos are the perfect addition to any home or office. Her work captures the beauty of her natural surroundings and her unique perspective. Buy Merri's prints to bring a touch of peace and beauty to your space.

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