Merri Lewis

Arts & Blessings
Gorham, ME

Merri is a passionate creator who finds magic in the process of making art. She revels in the way watercolors flow across paper, acrylics build up to create textures, and mixed media supplies come together in unexpected ways. The transformation of colors into something new and vibrant brings life to her work, sparking joy in her creative process.

From a young age, Merri has been drawn to experimentation and exploration, disregarding instructions in favor of figuring things out on her own. Her love for textures led her to sewing, where she would craft her own patterns or forgo patterns altogether. Her creativity extended to various mediums such as card making, painting, writing, sewing, and book making, showcasing her diverse talents and interests.

Merri's unique way of thinking and creativity have been instrumental in her work with individuals with developmental disabilities and mental illness. She found particular intrigue in connecting with people with autism, striving to understand their perspective and teach them in ways that resonated with their view of the world. This experience shaped her approach to art and creativity, inspiring her to share her work and encourage others through artistic expression.

Inspired by nature, music, children, and the intriguing people she encounters in life, Merri now resides in Southern Maine with her family. Whether she's playing with toddlers in the church nursery, walking her beloved Maltipoo, Boomer, exploring the nearby woods, or creating art at her tiny desk-turned-studio, Merri's passion for creativity shines through in all she does. Her prints are a beautiful addition to any home or office decor, offering a touch of magic and inspiration to those who appreciate her unique artistic vision.

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