Marsi Danielsen

Originally hailing from San Diego, California, Marsi Danielsen now calls the Pacific Northwest home. Her affinity for vibrant colors first blossomed during her time as a hair stylist, where she delighted in selecting hues that would stand out against darker shades, creating a striking contrast and adding depth and soft boldness to her clients' hair. This same fascination with bold colors against black backgrounds is reflected in her artwork, where she seeks to evoke a similar visual impact.

Marsi's art is a reflection of her love for seeing light and color emerge from darkness, finding beauty in the contrast. Her pieces are an expression of this spiritual concept, mirroring the idea of brightness emerging from obscurity, offering hope and promise for the future. Each piece is a testament to this belief, showcasing the transformative power of light and color in the midst of darkness.

As you explore Marsi's gallery, you are invited to immerse yourself in the beauty of her creations and experience the captivating allure of contrasting colors against black backgrounds. Each piece tells a unique story of light breaking through shadows, offering a glimpse of hope and inspiration. Bring this enchanting beauty into your home or office decor by purchasing prints of Marsi's artwork, and infuse your space with the radiance of color and light.

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