Maria D'angelo

Maria D'Angelo has always been passionate about bringing joy to people through her artwork. She finds great reward in seeing the expression of happiness on someone's face when they view their newly purchased piece of art. Growing up in Staten Island, NY, Maria has been creating art since she was a child. Her graphite works of horses are particularly well-known, but she also enjoys creating abstract paintings inspired by the natural world and portraits of people, children, relatives, and pets.

Maria works with various mediums including graphite pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, oil, and acrylic. However, her favorite tool of choice is the pencil due to the control and detail she can achieve with it. If you are looking to purchase a piece of art for your home or thinking about having a portrait done for yourself or as a gift, Maria is ready to help create the perfect piece for you. You can contact her via email at to discuss your ideas and make them a reality.

For beautiful prints that will enhance the decor of your home or office, consider purchasing Maria D'Angelo's exquisite artwork. Whether you are looking for a stunning graphite horse drawing, a captivating abstract painting, or a heartfelt portrait of a loved one or pet, Maria's creations will surely bring joy and beauty to your space. Contact her today to begin the process of acquiring a unique and meaningful piece of art for yourself or a special someone.

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