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Maria D'angelo

Mariad Angelo has a deep love for art and the reaction it can elicit in people. From a young age growing up in Staten Island, NY, Mariad has been creating beautiful artworks for galleries and exhibitions across the US. Her artworks range from graphite works of horses to abstract paintings to portraits of people, their children, their relatives, and their pets.

Mariad is most well-known for her graphite pieces, as she loves the control and detail she can attain with the pencil. However, Mariad also creates stunning works in charcoal, oil, acrylic, and colored pencils.

Mariad's artworks are perfect for home and office decor and make wonderful gifts. If you have been considering a piece of art or a portrait of someone special, Mariad would love to help you make that idea a reality. Contact Mariad today at and let her create the perfect artwork for you.

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