Reg Jones

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Temecula, CA

At 70 years of age, John has maintained a strong interest in the arts. After studying Fine Arts at the University of Colorado - Denver Center and gaining a background in Graphic Design, he pursued a career in telecommunications with AT&T & Time Warner. In 2014, John and his wife moved from Colorado to California.

John has been drawing since he could hold a pencil, and his Dad inspired him to draw when he was around five to six years old. He was enrolled at the Colorado School of Art & Design in the late 1950s and has never lost interest in the arts. John has explored animated film making, photography, created videos, and painted in oils and acrylics. His works often feature people, with a hint of historical relevance and sometimes hidden meanings.

John's son is an artist whose paintings are just magnificent. He introduced his father to the amazing talent of graffiti artists worldwide, and John began incorporating this style into his photography and paintings for a brief period.

John's works are a unique combination of art and photography. Home and office decorators can purchase John's prints to add a touch of creativity and beauty to any space.

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