Reg Jones

RJ Productions
Temecula, CA

After relocating from Colorado to California in 2014, the artist, now 70 years old, continues to showcase a strong passion for the arts that began in childhood. Having studied Fine Arts at the University of Colorado - Denver Center and possessing a background in Graphic Design, their artistic journey has been influenced by a variety of mediums and experiences. Despite a career in telecommunications with AT&T & Time Warner, the artist has always found solace in creating and sharing their ideas with the world.

Inspired by their father's talent and enrolled in the Colorado School of Art & Design in the late 1950s, the artist's love for creativity has remained unwavering throughout the years. From exploring animated film making and photography to painting in oils and acrylics, their diverse interests have led them to capture people in their current works, often imbuing them with historical significance and hidden meanings. Additionally, the artist's son, a talented painter, has introduced them to the world of graffiti art, which they briefly incorporated into their photography and paintings.

With a unique approach to their art, the artist invites viewers to delve deeper into their photos, uncovering the subtle nuances and layers of meaning within each piece. For those looking to add a touch of sophistication and creativity to their home or office decor, purchasing prints of the artist's work is a wonderful way to infuse spaces with a sense of imagination and history.

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