Kathleen Ross

Digital artist, Kathleen Ross has an MFA at the School of Visual Arts in Studio Art with a focus on painting and mixed media. Since leaving New York in the early 2000’s, she has spent the majority of her career as an art educator in St. Louis, MO. Based in Manchester, MO, she has developed her process over time and began to work with specific tools to achieve the appearance and narrative of her work. The canvas is a touch screen tablet and my pen or brush is a stylus. She uses photographs, older physical works, and drawings to create mixed media compositions. After which, she adds additional hand drawn marks to the images she creates. The physical artwork, is produced as a Giclée print. Ross has a collection of works that are like a psychedelic dream with thought provoking images that are created through multiple layers.

Collectors can see her work in a virtual show where she will be featured throughKansas City’s Buttonwood Art Space (3013 Main St.) from July 3rd through September 24th. A virtual reception will be held Friday, September 4th. 50% of sold artworks will go directly to artists, with the remaining 50% benefiting Jewish Family Services.

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