Karol Livote

Karol Livote
Shelton, CT

Karol Livote has been passionate about photography since she was a young girl. Her sister gave her a camera when she was around ten years old and she was soon out in the world capturing images of burned-out buildings, old boats, and more. During her high school years, Karol was a regular in the photography classes and had her own darkroom. She focused on capturing the essence of a person in her work.

Although her life took her in a different direction after high school, Karol still pursued her photography. When she moved to Connecticut, she began to explore the state and found a deep appreciation for its local wildlife. Since then, she has been actively promoting her work with publications and sales. Nature is still her favorite subject, but she also has an interest in using digital software to create a more artistic image.

Karol Livote's photos capture moments in time that she hopes can touch another's soul, just as they have captured hers. She invites you to experience her work and make it part of your home or office decor.

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