Watercolor By John Wider
Traditional Artist

John Wider

Edgewater, MD

Hi! My name is John Wider.

I am in the Edgewater, Maryland and I love to paint. I paint daily and experiment with various techniques, I am constantly amazed at how the paint behaves on paper and has its own voice. I have been painting for six years and have been in juried art shows and sold paintings in shows, on my web page (www.watercolorbyjjw.com) and via commissioned assignments. i have found my passion in watercolor painting. My selection of subjects to paint is quite varied and my painting style is a bit different for watercolor, as it is a somewhat strong style versus what is traditionally more loose.

I have a web page www.watercolorbyjjw.com and am on Instagram #watercolorbyjjw. I can be reached on email at johnwider@msn.com or text 410-274-4431.

My work is for sale, both originals and prints and I accept commissioned assignments.

All the best,


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