Jean Morgan

The California artist is a passionate lifestyle and street photographer with a deep love for all forms of art. Their photography serves as a reflection of the world we inhabit, showcasing a diverse array of styles and locations. Particularly drawn to nature and botanical subjects, their first collection features whimsical and colorful succulents, originally captured through photographs and transformed into vibrant illustrations. The artist finds joy in sharing their work and draws inspiration from the beautiful creations of fellow artists on Geo Galleries.

Drawing inspiration from the world-renowned surfing beach of Trestles on the Southern California Coast, the artist aptly named their photography business Trestles Photography. Their work can be found on various platforms including Geo Galleries, FinerWorks, Shutterstock, Snapwire, Foap, Instagram, and Getty Images. With a mission to capture love and life well through the lens, the artist's photos resonate with everyday individuals and can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of settings, from homes to commercial spaces, greeting cards, web and social media platforms, and beyond.

Elevate your living or work space with prints of the artist's captivating photography, each piece a unique and vibrant representation of the world around us. Embrace the beauty and inspiration captured through their lens, bringing a touch of nature and artistry into your daily life. Purchase a piece today and let the artist's passion for photography infuse your surroundings with creativity and color.

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