Janice Pastor

Janice Pastor Art
Port Townsend, WA

Janice Pastor is an artist whose work is inspired by her life in the Pacific Northwest. She finds that this environment helps her to express the strength and balance of her paintings. However, she is not afraid to break out of her comfort zone and explore other ideas and themes. She enjoys painting still lifes, as it allows her to explore the intersection of light and shadow.

Having been born and raised in Ohio, Janice has lived in nine different states and worked as an emergency room and critical care nurse. She is largely self-taught as an artist. Her nursing career has given her patience and healing that has been carried over into her art.

Now retired, Janice has the luxury of more time to pursue her art. She loves to garden, forage for mushrooms, and make wine. She also volunteers to “glean fruit” for the needy. In her free time, Janice enjoys hiking, kayaking, and stand-up paddle boarding.

Janice's photos are a reflection of her inner world and her perception of the outer world. Her love of nature and the outdoors shines through in her art. To find her art pieces, home and office decorators should look no further than Janice's website.

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