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Gregory M. Yates


The works of Gregory M. Yates have a diversity in style that makes every collection enticing as you eagerly explore what is new. From geometric designs to surrealism to photorealism, his bold sense of colors are captivating. Skilled in several media like drawing, painting, and ceramics, diversity in his works is the consistency. The series “Elephant #1 to #3” are shaped based paintings that depict the identifiable animal but it asks your imagination to assemble the image. A great engaging body of work that allows the viewer to be part of the work. In his Photorealism collection he continues to delight the eyes with still life subjects that are given backgrounds of bold colors made as digital drawings that can take 14 hours to create.

A contemporary art collector can spend some time going through his works and appreciating the details in their fine art printed piece. Take a virtual wonder walk among his collections.

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