Ede J. Sartori

Recently, a business was started by the artist to bring their vision to life through the compilation of digital images. The process is ever-evolving, pushing them to constantly imagine and create something new. With a background in computer technology, they have been able to harness their creativity using various imaging software tools.

The artist finds inspiration in nature's vibrant colors, unique shapes, and the overall atmosphere, allowing their soul to be free and unconventional in a world filled with conventional art. In their free time, they enjoy playing tennis, pickleball, hiking in the early mornings, and biking around town. Staying active has become a crucial outlet for them amidst the stress of the day, especially during these challenging times with the virus.

Occasionally, the artist joins friends on inspiring photoshoots around the neighborhood, immersing themselves in the magical space that photography offers where nothing else matters except capturing that perfect moment. Their love for photography shines through in each image they create, reflecting their passion and dedication to the craft.

For those looking to add a touch of magic and inspiration to their homes or offices, the artist's prints are the perfect choice. Each photograph captures a unique moment frozen in time, ready to be displayed and admired. Don't miss the opportunity to bring a piece of this artist's vision into your space.

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