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Ede J. Sartori

Recently, artist X began their business endeavor with the goal of creating and sharing their unique vision of digital art. Armed with a background in computer technology, they are able to use multiple imaging software and merge it with their creative spirit.

Nature's deep colors, shapes, and atmosphere are the driving force behind their one-of-a-kind photos. It is this unconventional approach that allows their soul to be free in a world of conventional art.

When not creating art, artist X enjoys playing tennis, pickleball, and biking around town. Even during the pandemic, they find ways to release stress by going on inspiring photoshoots with friends.

Each time artist X picks up the camera, they are taken to a magical space in time where nothing else matters, only that moment. If you are looking to add some unique art to your home or office, take a look at artist X's prints.

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