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Eric Walker

In 2018, after nearly 20 years of ignoring my art, I carved out a space both in my house and within to explore being a painter once again. In 1999, when I last displayed work at a show called Bizzaro World at the Revolving Museum in Boston, my wife Lisa was 6 months pregnant with our oldest son and we'd bought our first house. Priorities changed after that and our second bedroom where my studio was now became a nursery. My focus was squarely on supporting my new family and building my design career.

Our current house, built in 1800 still lacked space for a studio until we cemented over our dirt basement and built a staircase. It's a space for me to explore being a painter again. Perhaps someday I'll get a proper studio with lots of light and space but for now this is perfect.

In the 1990's I painted large expressive explorations of self and spirit. I was inspired by friends that were healers and personal experiences which invoked visions that were turned into paintings. I joined a group of artists under the same representation who were kindred spirits and friends.

Getting started again was daunting. I bought an easel, paints, brushes, canvas and began tentatively, My process, from the early days was to build imagery and form slowly with each session. Paintings took months to complete with letting the oil paint dry for the next layer. I take time to redraw and layer to achieve a vibrance and tension that convey narrative.

There are a few themes throughout the work that have evolved over time, I've explored a few archetypes such as the Explorer - Into the New Country, the Innocent - Before and Never Since, the Caregiver - Triumph of Compassion and the Ruler - Her Vibrant Realm. My interest in mark making and form led to the figures in Emanate and Radiate. My flower/figure series plays with scale to create unique stories of our connection to nature.

More recenly, I've picked up an iPad Pro and have been creating digital painitngs with Procreate. I stumbled on a layered process using dots of varying sizes, colors and opacity to abstract forms and imply depth with very interesting and exciting results. No more waiting for paint to dry!

My rebirth as a painter would not have been possible without the love and support of my wife Lisa and sons Isaac and Truman. I find time mostly on the weekends and am busy during my week leading a UX practice for Virtusa.

Painting is my passion. It keeps me curious and inventive. Enjoy!

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