Eric Winkler

Eric Winkler Photography
The Woodlands, TX

With a passion for photography and a strong background in engineering, this artist enjoys using his free time to take photos outdoors. He is especially drawn to capturing the beauty of landscapes, architecture, nature, and objects in various lighting and weather conditions. From freezing action to slowing down the speed to create a sense of flow, this artist is always looking to capture the world around him “in camera”.

He is inspired by the work of Ansel Adams, Galen Rowell, Robert Muench, and Philip Hyde and strives to use minimal digital post-processing. Each of his photos evokes a memorable experience, allowing viewers to appreciate the beauty of the world. This artist offers a variety of print products to best suit your needs and interests.

If you are looking for unique home and office decor, be sure to check out this artist’s photography!

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