Eric Winkler

An engineer by training, the artist possesses a deep passion for photography that drives them to explore the historical and cultural aspects of the places they visit during their travels. With a keen eye for detail, much of their free time is spent outdoors capturing landscapes, architecture, nature, and various objects that catch their attention. They find delight in subjects exposed to interesting lighting and weather conditions, embracing the challenge of freezing action or slowing things down to create a sense of flow.

Inspired by masters of composition and lighting such as Ansel Adams and Galen Rowell, the artist’s true joy lies in capturing landscapes. They strive to use as little digital post-processing as possible, preferring classic filters and techniques to balance the light and capture their view of the world “in camera”. Each photo holds a special memory for the artist, and they hope viewers will enjoy them as much as they enjoyed creating them.

While the artist has pre-selected popular print products for their photography, they are open to providing other print dimensions, media choices, or images seen on their social media sites to meet specific interests or display objectives. For those interested in exploring additional printing options, they encourage reaching out through their website. Bring the beauty of their photography into your home or office decor by purchasing their prints today.

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