Diane K. Hewitt

Diane's collection of art offers a peek into her vibrant life journey, showcasing her resilience in overcoming challenges, her deep passion for art, and her unique sense of humor. Her expressive oil paintings reflect her profound connection to nature and travel, fuelled by her boundless imagination. Recently, she has ventured into contemporary abstract design, infusing each brushstroke with emotion, introspection, and a child-like wonder. Through her non-subjective abstracts and abstracted portraits, Diane invites viewers to interpret the vivid colors, elements, and forms with fresh eyes and an open heart.

Beyond the visual spectacle of her artwork, Diane seeks to share her intense feelings about life and evoke a profound emotional response from her audience. She encourages viewers to explore her creations from their own perspective, immersing themselves in a world where emotions intertwine with design, and symbolism reveals hidden messages. Each piece offers a glimpse into her personal story and the raw emotions she experienced during the creative process. Diane's art is a symphony of colors, a reflection of life's highs and lows, and a testament to the healing power of creativity.

Engage with Diane's captivating art and discover the piece that resonates deeply with your own story, making it a timeless addition to your home or office decor. Embrace the spirit of her work, as it is a reflection of life itself, waiting to fascinate and touch your heart. Purchase one of Diane's prints today and bring a piece of her vibrant journey into your living space, allowing the colors and emotions to inspire and uplift you daily.

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