Jim A. Blair

Fort Worth, TX

For over half a century, the artist has been working with graphic arts. Beginning with oils on cardboard and canvas board, they then studied with Steve Lotz at the University of Florida and produced paintings and ink and pencil drawings as gifts for friends and sold a few at community art shows. Their work has evolved to include acrylic, and they have sold both originals and prints of these.

Recently, the artist has gained interest in their work through the Internet, and professionally rendered prints from high resolution digital images have been made available. These prints are excellent representations of the artist's original work.

The artist's style is vibrant and sometimes whimsical, inviting the viewer to find meaning in the art. Subjects range from abstract and impressionistic to character studies and other metaphorical works.

The artist's work is perfect for home and office decor. With its inviting, vibrant colors and inviting meanings, it is sure to brighten up any space. Purchase the artist's prints today to add a touch of beauty and intrigue to your home or office.

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