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Carlos Burgess was born in San Diego, California on November 29th 1977. He moved across the country living on both the west and east coast being from a military family. Living in Virginia Beach, Virginia and San Diego would later influence his choices of subjects later on in his life. However, the road trips back and forth across the continental United States would be a huge influence on him becoming an artist. It is these different environments and experiences that has Carlos using various mediums to create his works. Carlos started drawing at the age of ten, but he didn’t take to it as a regular practice until later in his life.

Carlos’ received an Associate’s Degree in Electronics and Computer Technology from Devry University in 2006. However his academic career began majoring in art. He graduated from high school in 1995 and soon attended Tidewater Community College at the Art campus in Portsmouth,Virginia. He left school after two years and decided to join the Army. For the first three years of his commitment, Carlos would only start and complete one oil pastel drawing. As a child, Carlos loved cartoons and comics. One of his biggest influences was the Peanuts comic strip by Charles M Schultz. He was also fascinated with animation learning the process of creating moving cartoon characters. As for right now, Carlos continues to be a lifelong student in fine arts, illustration, and graphic design

In March of 2018 Carlos established Carlos Burgess Arts & Creative Works, LLC, an art business he started to create and sell his work. He completed his first mural in April of 2019 at a local restaurant in Virginia Beach. In November of 2019 Carlos showcased his artwork for the first time at an art exhibit in Norfolk, Virginia. Carlos has done several commissions including his most recent commission for a book illustration

Carlos Burgess is having a Virtual Art Show and Auction on August 14th-16th from 3pm EST 12pm PST on Facebook Live.

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