Carlos H. Burgess

Carlos Burgess has digital and acrylic art pieces that are inspired from his life in Virginia Beach and San Diego as well as the cross continental trips in between. His art subjects are diversity represented as his media and interest from fine art, graphic design to illustration and cartoon animation. In March of 2018 Carlos established Carlos Burgess Arts & Creative Works, LLC, an art business he started to create and sell his work. In November of 2019 Carlos showcased his artwork for the first time at an art exhibit in Norfolk, Virginia.

His digital and fine art abstracts are bold and have a sharp contrast that make a striking centerpiece to any room seeking a dramatic statement. But as we mentioned there is diversity in his subjects and you will also find wonderful portraits and seascapes. All have a fluidity that is a stream to an emotion connection to his works that any art lover will naturally drift to by some mystic magnetism.

Carlos Burgess is having a Virtual Art Show and Auction on August 14th-16th from 3pm EST 12pm PST on Facebook Live. The link to the event is in his bio to copy and paste in your web browser.

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