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Elizabeth Ramirez

Amber Photography
San Antonio, TX

The first thing you have to know about me is that I love art.  I have always loved painting and drawing and have always felt this was the talent God gave me as part of my purpose in this life. Because of adverse circumstances in my life I stopped feeling inspired to create for a very long 10 years. But a couple of years ago I started to open up my eyes and senses once again and I felt the urge to start express myself creatively and my view and interpretation of the beauty in the world around me.  So I kinda just stumbled unto the world of photography.  Photography became my paintbrush, and I learned how to paint with light...   

But I am not just a photographer.  I am also a mother of two amazing children and one crazy Shih-tzu that help keep me grounded and centered in the things and reasons that life is worth living.  I love eating and living healthy and enjoy practicing Yoga, Biking and Tae Kwon Do.  Amongst other things.  

As of now I enjoy exploring the beautiful Hillcountry landscapes and little towns that Texas has to offer. I am also continuously working on perfecting my photography craft on my free time as well as working as a freelance photographer.

I will forever be grateful for the eyes I have, for with them I am able to see...

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