Bryan O'sullivan

This is Bryan O'Sullivan and this is the Bryan's-Eye View Gallery!

I originally hail from Houston TX, but moved to Colorado back in 2010. I've never had any "official" photography training, but I've been taking pics since childhood. This beautiful state has inspired a lot of his work, but he is always on the lookout for a good perspective to snap. He enjoys capturing his "Bryan's-eye view" wherever he sees it.

His photography "bread-and-butter" is nature photography and capturing unique views and angles. You will find views from many places in the US and beyond its borders which O'Sullivan has traveled to bring you wonderful landscapes and unique perspectives to enjoy in your home or workplace. Some locations featured in this gallery are Rocky Mountain National Park, Nederland Colorado, Kauai Hawaii, Bromley Vermont, Budapest, and views along the Danube River.

O'Sullivan is a photographer for the enjoyment but has been encouraged by those offering statements such as "wow these pics are good" and "you should sell them". Finally, he has listened to them and is creating archival prints of some of his cherished images. There are years of images to display, so keep checking back for something new!

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