Traditional Artist

Patricia Doyle Olson

Jacksonville Beach, FL

"My mother was a siren. My father was a sailor and the winds of the waves, are calling, calling me home."

Patricia was born in East Islip, Long Island. then moved in1967, to Kauai HI, to Cape Cod, MA, in 1971, in 1975, Miami, FL, 1975 to Fort Pierce, FL, and in 1982 to Jacksonville, FL. These moves allowed her to live near the ocean, hearing beautiful types of music and smelling intoxicating mixtures of salt air and unique flowers. They are Patricia’s inspiration.

“I want the large ocean mammals to be protected from harm and their oceans respected.” Her BEING ALIVE COLLECTION is the representation of just that. Patricia loves creating sea life artwork from her photography, photographing the ocean’s beaches, landscapes of beautiful displays of Mother Nature and any new opportunity that presents itself, of a different subject.

“I stay true to myself in wanting to leave a form of gratitude for the large and small mammals; by sea or land. Their remarkable majestic existence within their habitats, is to further an awareness to protecting all of life’s beautiful visual gifts. We learn so much from them.”

Professional Photographer of America

Patricia DOYLE Olson

PPA #: 8571993

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