Mahaveer Swami

Born in 1959 in Bikaner, Rajasthan, India, Mahaveer Swami began his artistic journey with training at home before earning a Diploma in Painting & Sculpture from the Rajasthan School of Art in Jaipur. Under the tutelage of his mentor late Shri Vedpal Sharma - Bannu, he honed his skills in the traditional style of painting, setting the foundation for his future artistic endeavors.

With a prolific career spanning over three decades, Mahaveer has exhibited his work in over 60 galleries across India and internationally in cities like Paris, Washington DC, and Shanghai. His art has made its mark in esteemed museums and galleries in countries such as India, USA, Belgium, and Algeria, showcasing the universal appeal of his creations.

A dedicated teacher and workshop facilitator, Mahaveer has shared his expertise in various festivals and camps in India and beyond, leaving a lasting impact on aspiring artists worldwide. His accolades include around 10 major awards for his exceptional artwork, highlighting his unique talent and creative vision.

Mahaveer's mesmerizing creations, featured in books, magazines, and online platforms, are now available for purchase as prints for home and office decor. Experience the beauty and power of his art firsthand by bringing a piece of his inspiring work into your living or workspace.

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