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Areanias Mathis

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Springfield, MO

My name is Areanias Mathis and my art is surreal, whimsical paintings inspired by my love of storytelling and fantasy. Ever since I was a child I could get lost in the world inside of a book, and see it clearly play out inside my mind. It is what first inspired me to start drawing. The idea that daydreams could be shared, the possibility of creating what you imagine was inspirational. However, it wasn’t until much later that I fully dove into my passion for painting. I began to see art as something I wanted to turn into a lifestyle fresh out of high school. I had always believed that art was a hobby until that point, the moment you ask yourself what you want to do with the rest of your life?

It was in that very question that I realized I wanted to be an artist, and I found my love for surrealism that same year. Inspired by letting go of what I expected to see and holding onto the pieces of the world that I found beautiful. It reflects the way I see my own life, letting go of the wrong pieces so the right ones can fit together. I experimented for a few years to find the style that best suited my ideals in art. Capturing emotions and stories in a single image, and expressing that with powerful colors and silhouettes. I have recently had my first art show at Farmer’s Park in Springfield, MO and it was a turning point in my view of myself as an artist. My goal is to become a full time artist and that show made it feel possible as a first step. Me and my art are only beginning and it is a journey I am happy to make.

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