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Allan Hagen

The artist is a multi-faceted individual who has been able to combine the creative worlds of photography, performance, and magic. After having gone to film school and working in the film industry, they decided to pursue a career in performance and travel the world to entertain.

But they wanted to preserve the element of visual storytelling that had been such a part of their career so far and so they turned to photography as a way to capture the incredible sights they encountered on their travels. It is with this same eye for detail that they use to create beautiful and reliable analog images with two of the most reliable cameras ever made, a Leica M6 and Hasselblad 501C.

The artist's work is a testament to the rich history of creating photos in camera instead of in post-processing. Their photos are art pieces that are ideal for home and office decor. By purchasing a print from the artist, you are not only buying a beautiful piece of art, but also a reliable piece of history.

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