Allan Hagen

As a photographer and performer, this artist has seen the world through a unique lens. Before committing to a life on stage, they studied film at school and worked in the industry as a camera operator on short films, music videos, commercials, and a feature documentary.

As a way to preserve their visual storytelling, this artist decided to make photography a part of their life of travel and performance. They take a special approach to the craft, believing that photography and magic share a similar style of sleight-of-hand.

To capture the beauty of the world in a timeless way, this artist chooses to shoot on film using a Leica M6 for 35mm and a Hasselblad 501C for 120mm. These cameras create analog and cinematic images that can’t be replicated digitally.

When you purchase a print from this artist, you’re not just buying a beautiful photo for your home or office, you’re buying into a rich legacy of making photos in the camera rather than in post processing or the computer. Add a touch of magic and history to your home or office with prints from this artist.

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