Allan Hagen

Allan Hagen

Photographer by day, magician and performer by night.

Being in the entertainment industry allows me to travel the world and see incredible sights.

Before I started performing full time, I went to film school and later worked in the film industry for a while, behind the camera on short films, music videos, commercials and even a feature documentary.

Wanting to preserve an element of visual storytelling in my performing life - I decided to turn photography into something that fills and enriches my travels.

When it comes to method, I believe in photography like a craft with many likenesses to the sleight-of-hand magic I perform for adult audiences.

For that reason I choose to shoot on analog film using two of the most beautiful and reliable analog cameras ever built - a Leica M6 for 35mm film and a Hasselblad 501C for medium format 120mm film.

These create incredible analog and cinematic images in a modern world - and when you buy a print from me, you are also buying that rich legacy and history of making photos in the camera instead of in post processing and in the computer.


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