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Zeta Angelich

Jimberlana LLC.
Round Rock, TX

I am an artist by photography, paint, sculpture as well as jewelry design. I studied photography in undergraduate school and was mentored by two master photographers. My traditional art is mostly self taught, but some classes taken over the years. I have been creating for as long as I can remember but mostly while living and working in Austin, Texas in the music industry, as an adjunct professor, published writer, working in bio tech, and the semiconductor industry.

My photography has been published in national publications as well as displayed at the Texas Museum of Art.

My art is heavily influenced by my birthplace, Japan, and shares much of "my favorite things" from trees to the ocean. I will be adding more images as time allows. The canvases are stacking up and it is time to share.

*(Please note that if you choose a Giclee of one of my offered pieces I will personally send the signed certificate to you.)

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