Yasmine Mercado

charlotte, NC

Yammy, also known by just Yam, is a New York City native now residing in North Carolina. From a young age, Yam was inspired to draw due to her mother's inability to buy her and her brothers all the clothes they wanted. Yam decided to take it upon herself to study fashion design and take art classes in school. Her love for fashion and art blossomed as she entered high school and developed an interest in photography.

This newfound love for photography pushed Yam to explore other materials and techniques, like acrylics, graphite, and digital art, with the help of a painter/graphic designer friend. This exploration eventually led to resin and other mediums.

Yam's creative journey and unique style eventually led to the creation of Your Art Mama, which is derived from her initials.

Yammy's artwork is perfect for home and office decor. Her eye-catching pieces will add a unique, creative touch to any space. Purchase Yammy's prints today to bring a personal touch to your living and work spaces.

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