Your Art Mama
Traditional Artist

Yasmine Mercado

charlotte, NC

Hi all!

I go by the name Yammy or Yam. I was raised in New York City and now I reside in North Carolina. I started drawing when I was 12 years old. What inspired me to draw is when my mom told me she would not be able to always buy my brothers and I all the clothes we wanted due to prices. I started taking art classes in school and studying fashion design on my own at home. Fashion designing was my world for years and still is. As I started High-school I grew interest in photography as well which lead me to being drawing anything that came to mind besides clothing.

When I turned 21 I met a friend who is a painter/graphic designer and convinced me to try out acrylics. Shortly after that over the years until now i have been practicing and learning new skills with paints, graphite and digital arts. I‘ve recently started using resin and any other materials to create art.

Your Art Mama is created from my initials.

Hope you guys enjoy my art!


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