Yasmine Mercado

charlotte, NC

Yammy, also known as Yam, grew up in New York City but now resides in North Carolina. At the age of 12, she began drawing when her mother could not afford to buy her and her brothers the clothes they wanted. She started taking art classes in school and studied fashion design on her own at home. Through high school, she developed a passion for photography, pushing her to draw more than just clothing.

When Yammy turned 21, she met a friend who was a painter and graphic designer. This friend encouraged her to try out acrylics and Yammy has since been learning and practicing new skills with paints, graphite, digital arts, and even resin. Yammy's initials are the inspiration behind her art, which displays her amazing creativity and skill.

Now, Yammy offers her prints to decorate homes and offices. With her wide range of art, from photography to digital art, Yammy has something for everyone. Make your home or office come alive and enjoy Yammy's work with her prints.

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