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Wayne Addington Images is a collaboration between Charles Addington Miller and Wayne Scott Cooley. Chuck is the creative driving force who is responsible for the digital artistry found in Wayne Addington Images. Both of us shoot our source photographs. We now have 11 galleries and over 300 images for you to choose from. Some of the newest are in the Trees gallery and in the NYC, Wash DC and California Destinations galleries. There are also lots of new images in the Nature gallery. We are letting GeoGalleries suggest some inventory options for many of these but if you poke around a bit in Geo's purchase application there are tons of great paper and framing choices as well as canvas options. If you're interested in an image and are having trouble deciding if you want a large format piece in either paper or canvas or if you want a smaller size, please drop us a note using the Contact Me button on our gallery page and we'll do our best to help you choose.

We also maintain a blog on our Wayne Addington Images site where we talk about some of our favorite images or highlight some of the new ones. You can find our blog at:

https://images.wayneadd.com/blog Latest entry: September 9, 2020, 'Everything has a Beginning'

Our images are digital creations from our photographs. Many of them are well suited for large format (stretched canvas) presentations or large prints, particularly commercial & public spaces. But happily, they work equally well printed on high quality archival papers for home or smaller venues. Printing on archival paper permits elegant framing choices as well.

Themes found frequently in our work are nature; architecture--particularly the intersection of the two; and the influence of memory. Memory introduces an element of change from something once experienced in person to something altogether new when recalled--with accompanying blending of views, energy, color and even place. We love to play with color and often delight in a discovered pattern--or create them. We hope you enjoy our work!

--Chuck & Scott

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