Tim Olson

Tim Olson Artworks
San Antonio, TX

Tim Olson's artwork starts on a small scale about 3" by 4" with his witty drawings and paintings and then with elements of collage, found objects and language worked into them. "I enjoy the simplicity and immediacy of drawing," says Olson. Based in San Antonio, Olson has had many shows from the eastern to mid-western United States, which has grown his collector base.

Thoughts quickly translate to paper which now have translated to prints that range from 4" by 6" prints in 10" by 13" custom frames with reflection control glazing to 16" by 24" giclee canvas prints and fine art velvet prints.

The 4" by 6" framed prints are close representation to the original presentation of his art. It has a delicate charm and framed to highlight the art. Wander into Mr. Olson's space and be delighted.

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