Tatiana Dushenkova
Digital Artist

Tatiana Dushenkova

Tata Dushan
San Antonio, TX

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Tatiana Dushenkova is a fashion and lifestyle illustrator, portrait artist, printmaker.

Tatiana is self-taught. She has been drawing since she was three, but she is constantly improving. Today she draws fashion and lifestyle - women, clothes, accessories and cats. Tatiana draws for brands, luxury bloggers and clients from all over the world. She participates in international art competitions, collaborations and projects, including those dedicated to the environment. Her artworks are presented by art galleries.

Tatiana has her own vision of the world - the world lives, the world changes every second and the world is beautiful. We do not notice this. She tries to catch every interesting moment and save this moment for us. Tatiana is just hinting - a gentle breeze ripples a woman's hair in the drawing and it seems to the viewer that the woman is breathing, this woman is alive. Tatiana tries make the drawing dynamic and expressive, if possible, but not go over the edge of abstraction.

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