Talisa Almonte
Traditional Artist

Talisa Almonte

Talisa Almonte
Astoria, NY

Hi, I'm Talisa, some may know me as Miami, Un Tali, Talisman, and Tali...

Starbucks will give me a different nickname depending on which barista I get. The point is, I wear as many hats as I do nicknames. Despite my many names, one thing has stayed true - I love to create. Whether that’s through commissioned artwork or collaborative tattoo designs, my biggest passion has always been drawing and painting. I would describe my artist style as the juxtaposition of realistic and illustrative. I love making realistic portraits and pet portraits but I also enjoy drawing illustrations, creating abstracts and merging the styles to create something unique. Nothing brings me more joy than creating one of a kind art that brings joy and people together.

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