Tim Campbell

Red Truck Comics
San Antonio, TX

Comic Artist and Art Director for Team Sea3on.

I came to appreciate visual arts as early as 5 years old, where words came hard to me. On the autistic spectrum, language was a barrier. I found it much easier and understandable to explain things visually. It opened me up to connect with people in a language I understood.

To this day, I have a tremendous library of visual language. I remember things in sights and sounds much more than I remember things in words and numbers. Sometimes it was really hard in public school trying to remember all these names and dates. Somehow I got through it, but not without great help.

So it made sense that after school, I would dedicate myself to something to do with the visual arts. I got a degree in digital arts, self published 3 children's picture books, and then that brought me to comic books.

As a story telling medium, comic books are perfect for me to share a wonder through a visual story. For years now, I've been drawing comic art professionally.

I'm also Art Director for Team Sea3on, bringing the animated third season to Sonic SatAM. I'm in charge of the visual look of the show. It's been quite an honor to help make such a dream happen.

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