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Teresa Ignace

Teresa Ignace Art TN

Born and raised in the Mid-West, Teresa Ignace has experienced the beauty of the countryside with mile-wide fields and towering corn stocks. She was captivated by the swaying of the tall grasses, like waves in the ocean, and the peace that the high blue skies arching over the land brought her. Teresa's life journey also brought her to the Appalachians, where she was amazed by the mountains, rolling hills, and valleys carpeted with wildflowers, by the cicada rhythms, and by the way trails become engulfed in flowering rhododendrons and azalea blossoms.

Teresa uses multi-dimensional techniques for her photography, combining brushes and palette knifes to capture some of her life's journey on canvas. With her photos, Teresa can evoke moments of peace and amazement, allowing viewers to share in the beautiful landscapes she has experienced.

Discover Teresa Ignace's one-of-a-kind photos today and add beauty to your home or office decor.

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