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Tata Dushan

Tata Dushan
San Antonio, TX

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My name is Tata Dushan. I’m an illustrator. I draw a fashion, beauty, lifestyle illustration and portrait.

I have been drawing since childhood, as I remember myself. This is my life! This is my world and my feelings. This is how I see the world around me - people, nature, the universe. It's my illustrated dreams! But I am glad if these dreams will become yours too. You like? Oh! I'm glad to share with you? Welcome!

This is a burning mix of hand-drawn style and digital art. It seems to the viewer that he sees in front of him a work done with real watercolors, inks, acrylics and / or oils. This is impressive! But an absolute impression is created that there is an illustration in front of you, which is created by hands and living art materials.

I prefer minimalism style and rather restrained colors. So I like it! And you?

In my store you will find my unique prints. Visit the Gallery and select any one you like. To order, just add this print to your shopping cart and pay for it. And do not forget to provide your data (name, address). From this very minute your new print is already in a hurry to you! Ready to receive it?

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See more of my illustrations here: Visite my wonderful, magical world and fly with me!

Thank! Glad to meet you, come visit, new items will not keep you waiting.

Have a good day!


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