Tatiana Dushenkova

Tata Dushan
San Antonio, TX

The feminen beauty of ballet and fashion are brought together in the collections of art by Tatiana Dushenkova. The expressive dance positions and dazzling costumes of the stage are full of artistry as the performance art of dance is captured in brush strokes. There is such an appreciation for the skill of the ballerinas that dance on to these art prints. Offered on Hahnemühle William Turner paper that has a slight coarse texture which gives the artwork an elegant look. The paper offers a high quality surface to give images full rich color and give a hint of distress to make the print look new and aged at the same time. The archival nature of the paper will preserve your works for many decades but must be handled with care. These are wonderful gifts for anyone developing their own skills in dance or seeking inspiration in fashion design. These are perfect decor if you wish to honor ballet in your living space. Inspire dancing feet with these artworks that are perfect for elegant and / or contemporary frames.

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