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Tata Dushan

Tata Dushan
San Antonio, TX

Your Illustrated Dreams...


My name is Tata Dushan. I am a self-taught freelance illustrator and portraitist. You will find unique prints in my store. It's your Illustrated dreams...

I draw a portrait and illustrate a fashion, lifestyle, beauty. This is a burning mix of hand-drawn, traditional painting techniques (watercolor, oil) and digital software. This is a mixed media. And this is very impressive! As I.

I have been drawing since childhood, as I remember myself. This is my life! This is my secret world and my hidden feelings. It's people, nature, universe. So I see the world around me! He is very beautiful and positive dreams! It's my illustrated dreams! But I am glad if these dreams will become yours too.

You like? Oh! I'm happy to share my observations and joys with you, my dears.

See more of my illustrations here: https://www.instagram.com/tatadushan_illustration/. Visite my wonderful, magical world and fly with me!

Thank! Glad to meet you, come visit, new items will not keep you waiting.

Have a good day!


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